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BOTOX® Cosmetic, an FDA-approved neuromodulator, effectively addresses moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles by relaxing and softening facial muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles.

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The presence of fine lines and wrinkles is a common experience, and if you've begun noticing them, you're not alone. Facial aging is inevitable, but we offer non-surgical solutions like BOTOX Cosmetic to help you reclaim a youthful appearance. This renowned injectable delivers impressive and swift results, leaving you refreshed and youthful after a single session without extensive downtime.

Curious about the capabilities of BOTOX? It's just one of the many procedures available at our North Bethesda location. To start your cosmetic journey with BlueInGreen, contact our staff to arrange your initial consultation.


BOTOX proves versatile, effectively treating various cosmetic concerns. During your consultation, our practitioner collaborates with you to understand your goals and develops a personalized treatment plan. BOTOX in Rockville and Bethesda, BOTOX can address issues such as:

Forehead lines – Crow's feet –  Neck bands – Trapezius muscle – Glabella lines – Chin dimples – Calf muscles – Bunny lines – Gummy smiles.


The BOTOX injection experience at BlueInGreen Medspa is designed for ease and comfort. Starting with a topical numbing agent for enhanced tolerance, the injection process uses a fine-gauge needle according to your personalized plan. Typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes, the session may result in some tenderness and redness, which quickly fades. Results manifest within days for smaller facial muscles and two to three weeks for larger muscles, with factors influencing longevity. Most patients opt for re-treatment after four to six months, and we assist in scheduling follow-up appointments.


Wondering if BOTOX is right for you? In your informative, obligation and cost free consultation, a BlueInGreen practitioner assesses your suitability based on your experiences with BOTOX or other wrinkle relaxers. Discussions cover treatable areas, allergies, and potential results. Clear explanations of the treatment process and recovery period aim to ensure your understanding and peace of mind.


Botox Injection

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