Surgically removing one or both breasts is often the only choice a woman has to protect her health. After the surgery, she may feel less feminine and want to restore her breasts. Breast reconstruction by Dr. Barbour gives a woman a more feminine appearance that may help her feel more confident after losing her natural breasts.

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What are the Benefits of Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction restores the breasts to a more natural shape and size. Having her breasts reconstructed provides emotional benefits to a woman.

What is the Procedure for Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Barbour uses several techniques for breast reconstruction. His choice of technique is based upon how much breast tissue remains after the mastectomy. Skin and tissue flaps may be used if a woman does not have enough breast tissue. Tissue expansion stretches the skin in the breast area to allow for a breast implant. Dr. Barbour discusses his recommendations during the consultation.

What Should I Expect After Breast Reconstruction?

A compression bandage is used to hold the reconstructed breasts in place until the tissue is fully healed. You may need to rest for several months after your breast reconstruction. We provide detailed aftercare instructions before you are released to go home. We recommend you have someone stay with you to help with routine tasks.